Recovery, Renewal, Resilience

Lessons for Resilience

Consider establishing and publicising a consistent set of priorities which unify all response teams

And ensure the consistency of all planning. For example:

Consider a national emergency plan with uniform standards for the gradual return to normality that:

  1. Supports hospital systems and expand surge and testing capacity
  2. Protects vulnerable populations, including seniors and those with access and functional needs
  3. Supports homeless population and shelters through emergency protective measures
  4. Ensures continuity of first responders and healthcare workforce
  5. Provides state and federal economic impact assistance, including financial support for those economical areas that may only be allowed to resume operations at the last moment
  6. Executes task force objectives and continue mid and long-term advance planning

Reference: Civil Protection experts in Germany and the USA.

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  • Germany, United States of America