Recovery, Renewal, Resilience

Lessons for Resilience

Consider a peer review process to reflect on recovery and renewal plans
Planning for recovery

Peer reviews can offer local governments an opportunity to reflect, assess and improve their preparedness for disaster (ISO 22392). This process can also enable collaborative dialogue on recovery and renewal plans, ensure transparent assessment and create value when building local and national resilience. Consider:

  • Establish a peer review mechanism to enable external critique of review recovery and renewal plans
  • Connect local governments to national associations that can facilitate a connecting structure between cities and regions to share lessons, knowledge and insights
  • Conduct focus groups/workshops that enable local governments to 'pause and reflect' on lessons learned from their response to COVID-19 and collaboratively discuss recovery and renewal
  • Appoint a panel of 'officer and member peers' to review local government plans for recovery and renewal in their communities
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