Recovery, Renewal, Resilience

Lessons for Resilience

Consider how to involve young people in response and recovery to promote sustainable and inclusive initiatives
Planning for recovery
Learning lessons

In Palestine, officials invited young people to share ideas that they felt could help address the impacts of COVID-19. This has been supported by successful initiatives such as the establishment of a Youth Committee on the Palestinian Water Authority as a means of helping to develop the sector. Members of the Youth Committee were also involved in the 2020 Palestinian National Development Agenda. The Palestinian government and Youth Committee have built on their learning and expertise in these sectors to provide innovative ways of addressing COVID-19. Consider:

  • Placing Youth Committees at the heart of public awareness campaigns about areas they have been involved in e.g. in Palestine, water consumption and management during COVID-19
  • Utilise young people in the creation of innovative smart apps, and online information e.g. in Palestine, the "PalWater App", which provides a platform for customers and service providers to communicate. The application also acted as an alarm reporting system where young people could upload live images and their locations to help citizens notify local authorities of real-time issues
  • How involving young people in COVID-19 recovery and resilience can help to build integrated and sustainable long-term solutions e.g. in Palestine, the water sector initiative is being replicated with the Palestinian Ministry of Social Development to establish more youth committees at the local level
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