Recovery, Renewal, Resilience

Lessons for Resilience

Consider recovery plans that drive ecological, social and economic growth
Implementing recovery

Finland’s ‘Sustainable Growth Program: Recovery Plan’ sets out the reforms and public investment projects that aim to boost “competitiveness, investment, skills development and research, and innovation”. The overall objectives of the programme are:

  • “Decrease greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Productivity growth;
  • Raising the employment rate;
  • Faster accessibility to care;
  • Progress in equality”

This recovery plan has recently been submitted to the EU Commission for review. The plan is not yet approved, however, this lesson offers an insight into Finland’s Recovery and Resilience priorities. The programme is built around four key pillars:

  • “A green transition to support structural adjustment of the economy and underpin a carbon-neutral welfare society;
  • Digitalisation and a digital economy to strengthen productivity and increase access to services;
  • Raising the employment rate and skill levels to accelerate sustainable growth;
  • Access to health and social services will be improved and their cost-effectiveness enhanced”
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