Recovery, Renewal, Resilience

Lessons for Resilience

Consider how existing strategic partnerships can be extended to support other COVID-19 activities
Implementing recovery

In Pakistan, a National Immunization Support Project (NISP) supported by the World Bank has developed wider strategic collaborations to transform immunization by increasing vaccination coverage and strengthening existing systems and mechanisms. At the heart of NISP is a pooled procurement mechanism and governance structures which successfully sourced vaccines for Provinces and provided an uninterrupted supply for the past 4 years in an efficient and collaborative manner. When COVID-19 hit, NISP: (1) had a series of trusted partners, so repurposed its trusted procurement mechanism e.g. to procure PPE for health care workers; and, (2) was a trusted partner itself, so provided its own expertise to other partners beyond its usual remit e.g. to provide financial management governance to oversee funds. Inspired by (1), consider how your organisation can repurpose trusted partnerships and identify:

  • Major issues that are troublesome due to limited effective partnerships available to support
  • Where trusted strategic partnerships are already established and proven to be working well
  • How strategic partners can expand their collaboration to address the troublesome issues
  • The blockers, how to overcome them, and to expand the partnership to support response

Inspired by (2), consider how your organisation is the trusted partner that can help others and identify:

  • What general expertise your organisation has and is able to provide in support to partners
  • How your organisation can repurpose key skills and capabilities to go beyond its usual remit to offer support as a trusted partner
  • How your organisation can provide its normal services whilst providing support to response
  • The blockers, and how to overcome them, to provide your capabilities to others' response
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