Recovery, Renewal, Resilience

Lessons for Resilience

Consider local funding to build community resilience
Implementing recovery

Local people and organisations are vital to delivering change, however, many face barriers and lack the resources to undertake resilience building activities. In the USA, Community Development Financial Institutions work to promote economic revitalization and community development in low-income communities through ‘values driven, locally informed and locally targeted investments’. Consider:

  • That investment in community resilience can mitigate the impacts of shocks and stresses caused by crises and accelerate recovery from crisis
  • When investing in community resilience, it is important to consider the life span of projects to ensure all communities have the opportunity to achieve their resilience goals
  • That all people and communities should have equal access to the ability to build resilience and some may require additional or targeted support
  • Engagement of all stakeholders is critical, to ensure that investment will benefit all people in the community
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