Recovery, Renewal, Resilience

Lessons for Resilience

Consider establishing an audit programme to certify and assure the COVID safe technology adoption of hospitality venues
Telecommunications and digital

As hospitality venues prepare for a safe re-opening, technology can support customer safety and rebuild client confidence. For example, the necessity of contactless service delivery has accelerated and motivated the wider adoption of new technologies across hospitality venues. Consider developing an audit and certification process that supports and guides hospitality venues in the adoption of new technology:

  • Identify actions that can make hospitality venues more COVID-safe using technology e.g. replace tangible menus with an ordering app, use scannable QR codes, replace room keys with mobile keys, contactless communications using customer-facing technology tools, guest communications via chatbots/messaging platforms, contactless temperature checks at entrances, air quality improvement and ventilation via bipolar ionisation technology
  • Use the identified actions to establish a checklist of practices that hospitality venues may be audited against
  • Identify the minimum requirement for hospitality venues to be eligible for certification of COVID-safe technology adoption and service provision
  • Identify how the hospitality venue protects its customers by using secure platforms
  • Use the checklist and minimum requirements as part of an audit process to certify the safety of hospitality venues
  • Apply the audit process to hospitality venues
  • Use the audit process to identify further actions that hospitality venues can implement to increase their COVID-safety
  • Publicise a list of certified hospitality venues
  • Provide certified hospitality venues with certificates/logos that they can display in their window and online
  • Have a whistleblower procedure for staff and customers to report serious breaches
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Consider certifying businesses 'COVID-19 safe' and providing display certificates
Business regeneration and rejuvenation

The "Monaco Safe" initiative aims to certify shops, hotels, restaurants, museums and all places open to the public to ensure that they provide the best conditions for customers/visitors and follow the health protocols outlined in Businesses that are awarded the certification are allowed to use the official "Monaco Safe" logo in their communications and receive visibility on State networks including tourist information authorities, the Monaco Economic Board, and others. Consider if certification could:

  • be given to those places that comply with health regulations to combat the spread of COVID-19
  • be awarded following certification processes that examine the implementation of health protocols
  • be obtained by completing an online procedure
  • acknowledge the efforts of the business to provide the best condition
  • be voluntary and free of charge and quick
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