Recovery, Renewal, Resilience

Lessons for Resilience

Consider that an epidemic or pandemic is likely to occur in the future and that extra healthcare resources should be available to ramp-up when needed
Health systems

This response can include having the flexibility to create new capacity in the health system perhaps by creating new 'field' hospitals or by creating more space in existing hospitals.

For example, in the UK, capacity in the health system is being created by moving patients that are not at risk into hotels and similar facilities to free up health services for at-risk patients. Hotels in Dorset UK, with support from the local council, have offered rooms to "free up urgent bed space in the NHS by taking low risk patients and carers and being part of the solution... 230 hotels prepared to reopen their door". Developing a roster of hotels and similar spaces that can be used in case of resurgence would support emergency planning.

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