Recovery, Renewal, Resilience

Lessons for Resilience

Consider how to secure and recover supply chains, and to prepare them for a post COVID-19 world
Supply chain and logistics

The resilience of construction and infrastructure is highly dependent on reliable, flexible and sustainable supply chains. Learning from the impacts of COVID-19 has identified three key phases for building supply chain resilience. Consider how to:

Secure the supply chain - immediate steps

  • Rapidly assess levels of inventory and resource capacity against immediate/emerging demand
  • Analyse a range of tactical scenarios and secure essential resources needed to maintain operations
  • Evaluate existing relevant contract clauses such as those covering insurances and payment

Recover the supply chain - steps to be taken next

  • Refresh business continuity management plans e.g. tested home working, wellbeing protocols, emergency command/control structures

Prepare the supply chain for a post COVID-19 world

  • Embed resilience e.g. Has risk increased? Is the supply chain intact?
  • Build resilience through
    • keeping redundancy (e.g. increasing stocks, spare capacity, supply competition);
    • creating resistance (e.g. automation);
    • improving recovery (e.g. rapid response protocols)
  • Map strategic supply chains to identify possible points of failure in future shocks e.g. an emergency or second wave
  • Implement 'smart' forecasting, analytics, and cloud-based systems that provide advanced prediction and indicate disruption
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